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  • Monica Hagerty

    B.S. Social Work, Illinois State University, 1998  M.S. Social Work, Loyola University, 2003  Licensed Clinical Social Worker, 2007  Reiki Master, 2015  Soul Guidance Sacred Mentoring program with Alana Fairchild, 2016

    I have supported thousands of women and a small group of brave men through whatever darkness they find themselves, back into their natural radiant light. I have always worked inside the Life/Death/Life cycles of creation. I am honored to support you after the devastating loss of IVF/IUI fail, Miscarriage, Fetal Death, SIDS, Birth loss and conception/fertility loss.

    Over the last 20 years, my private practice has grown by expanding my client list outside of my Chicago, IL office and using all of my skills as a Psychotherapist, Coach, Mentor, Reiki Master, Shaman, Clairvoyant, Divine Channel, Energetic Healer, Priestess, Spirit Baby Medium, Spiritual Fertility Coach.

    My sacred work as a spiritual fertility coach, who supports and assists spirit babies yearning to be born into this world began with a vision from the Divine Mother. After returning from a vacation among the California Redwoods, I could feel and see thousands of radiant spirit babies waiting for me to work with them in a more direct way. My professional work is dedicated to those recovering from the heartbreaking deep intense grief after the Death of your beloved child through miscarriage, Fetal Death, Stillbirth, SIDS, Failed IVF/IUI, and overall conception and fertility loss.

  • My beloved husband Ryan and I have been married since 2001 and partnered for almost 23 years. We are raising two radiant daughters, Iris (born 11/01/11) and Violet (born 11/11/14) .


    Spirit babies have always been part of the sacred work I do, as my own two daughters first came to me before conception. Pregnancy and Death created this portal into a deeper spiritual awakening and remembering. Strengthening the connection to my own body, my own power, my wisdom, my Dharma.

    I was born intuitive, awakened and trusting of spirits and angels. I grew up feeling close to the Divine. My clairvoyant abilities were inherited through my maternal lineage, from a Swedish immigrant Great Grandmother who was a neighborhood healer.
    During my own gestation I was a triplet in which the other sisters did not survive. Early in my life I was asked to be brave beyond my years, to use my wisdom, to deepen my faith and to become unshakably resilient.