• What exactly is a Spirit Baby?

    Before babies are physically born, they begin as spirit babies. Just like physical babies, spirit babies need nourishment in order to sustain life. Through my sacred and spiritual work, I’ve found that these spirit babies need a higher level of nourishment which requires purification, vibrational light, supportive structures, and other specific mandatory needs in order for them to agree to to the full human experience.  

    Every spirit baby selects their place and identity. Among many quantifiers, their decision will determine an exact set of parents, race, culture, and gender. Their choice is based on what they need to learn to fulfill their karmic destiny. After their physical birth, you will be helping them along on their journey.

    How do Spirit Babies communicate?

    Most if not all clients I work with, already have a spirit baby around them.  Some spirit babies are very quiet, some are very chatty, some show up right away, some take their time to reveal themselves.  Some babies have been with you before, in this lifetime, possibly were miscarried or died.  Some have possibly been with you other lifetimes, or are perhaps waiting to come to you in divine timing.  It all depends on an infinite number of circumstances that I am not privy to until we start sessions.  

    They often share very loving heartwarming messages, providing clarity and deeper understanding to what they need and what is blocking them in order to be conceived again and birthed into our human world.   With these essential ingredients, your shared journey ahead is revealed like a map.  

    What can I expect from this experience?

    Of course, I cannot guarantee you will become pregnant.  My unique energy signature, the medicine I bring forth, is very potent but it is not a magic wand.  

    I promise we will optimize your fertility so that you can bring forward what you are meant to create. 

    Through our work together you will gain more clarity, more peace, more compassion and allow yourself to reclaim or deepen the wisdom and the radiance that is yours.

    If you are drawn to my work, if you have found yourself to this page, if you have a strong desire to be a mother and a parent, it is very likely you have a spirit baby already communicating with you.

    If your fertility journey, pregnancy, or birth have taken some challenging and dark turns, it doesn’t mean that you are doing anything wrong.  Usually, your soul and your spirit baby are showing you a path forward.   However, this may be showing up in darkness, crisis, unexpected and unknown turns.  At times it is difficult to decode, understand, accept and take brave action forward.

    What tools do you use?

    Using a unique energy signature, I weave all of my skills as a clairvoyant, energetic healer, priestess, shaman, coach, mentor, psychopomp & psychotherapist to provide the transformation you need in your journey through conception, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and your sexual & reproductive life.

    What do I need to do to maximize our sessions?

    The sessions are very potent.  The work we do together is deep.  Often we clear all the way back to the origin in this lifetime and others.  Allow yourself the compassion, the time, the space to be with what we focused on post session.  Most clients rest, journal or release more afterward.  

    Are the sessions like psychic readings?

    No the sessions are not psychic readings. 

    They are healing sessions meeting you right where you are. Providing the highest level of compassion, support, divine guidance and messages from your spirit baby and your soul.  This sacred information reveals the path forward.