• Radiant Circle

  • Starting May 8   cost $11

    Join me Weekly on Friday afternoons at 4 PM cst 

    On Zoom for a 60 min class Radiant Circle  

    For an hour of Divine Fun, connection, support, and deep nourishment.  I will share sacred messages from my channel, we will do a guided meditation or chant, then we will move our gorgeous bodies to integrate and deepen the spiritual experiences. 

    We will leave 15 to 20 minutes to connect, answer questions, share experiences. This is the place to connect with your tribe, feel seen, supported, and celebrated.
    Reclaim your strength, wisdoms, resilience, and power especially during this time of quarantine.  All of us are being forced to evolve, use what we have learned,  And face anything in the shadows. We Rise together surrounded by Grace. 
    I am in the business of weird, strange, unusual, intense, emotional, dense, and sacred. 
    This is the place to bring any experiences you have been having, or anything that you feel when we are in this time together. 
    All is always welcome and accepted! 
    Come as you are!
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